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All roses fall prey to December.
All intellect falls prey to love's glory.

Since the rose is not eternal
Why be captured by its scent?
Let me know your secrets -
Only the ones that last forever.

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New album "Traceless" of Rumi's Poetry accompanied with music - an art piece from english dervishes >>>
films and videos on spiritual issue
- Movies, documentaries, fairytales, interviews >>>
Talks on Sufism - The Path of Love
- with Irina Tweedie, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee and Javad Nurbakhsh >>>
Poetry on divine Love
from great Sufi Masters like Rumi, J. Nurbakhsh and Shah Nimatullah >>>

Music in Sufism - music >>>
Promised Land - Siberian Utopia
- The film shows the largest alternative living community led by Vissarion >>>
On Prayer -
talk given by Shraddhalu Ranade >>>
On consecration
- Sri Aurobindo & Mother
; compilation and composed text for practicing consecration during a workshop in Auroville >>>
Video - Sraddhalu Ranade How to Think >>>
Video - Sraddhalu Ranade Who Am I ? >>>
Video - Sraddhalu Ranade
on Integral Education >>>
Eckhart Tolle on Being Yourself >>>


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films on spiritual issue

- Talks on Sufism

- Roerich museum in Moskow, Sculptures and art in Moskows museums

- Poetry on Divine Love

Photoarchive >>>


O worshipper of the formless Infinite, reject not form, what lives in form is He.
Sri Aurobindo

tatparah >>>

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Integral Yoga
-Sanskrit terms in Integral Yoga
pdf-file with
interactive functions